Our Story

Yoki Fashion International was founded January 2006. Throughout the years Yoki has been designing and providing retailers with high outstanding and great quality products such as women’s and kids footwear. Over the past 10 years Yoki has developed other name brands such as MJBrands- YoKids, glitz and glam, Splash Me and Dollymix. Yoki creates quality shoes to meet the needs and desires of everyday women and kids of all ages. The products are designed with the latest fashions in mind and proudly displayed in our showrooms in New York and Los Angeles C.A to ensure 100 percent satisfaction.
Yoki’s mission is to provide customers with outstanding products while creating memories.


Customer Satisfaction

Here at Yoki, we believe that our customers should be satisfied with their products. Our missions are three definitive hallmarks: Superior quality of product Unsurpassed value and Consistency branding

If you are not satisfied with our a product let us know at information@yokigroup.com. We are always open to new ideas!


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